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    I just finished my Speaking test awhile ago
    Just want to share some questions I have encountered…

    1st Part:
    -State my Full name
    -The examiner asks me what is my Nickname
    -Am I Studying or Working?
    -Am I happy and contented in my current job/profession?
    -Do I love Math?
    -What age am I when I first learn Mathematics?
    -In my opinion, Is it necessary to people nowadays to be good in Mathematics?

    2nd Part (cue card)
    -Have I encountered riding in a vehicle that in my way to my destination having broke down?
    -What specific vehicle?
    -Where supposed to be my destination?
    -What exactly happened?
    -Who is with me when it happened?

    3rd Part..( in connection to my answer to 2nd part)
    -What did I do when it happened? (vehicle broke down)
    -What do I feel when I saw some rubbish materials on the road?
    -In my opinion, why do some people throw that rubbish on the road?
    -Did I ever tried to Recycle things?
    -What are some ways that I do to recycle things or papers?

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