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    Hi All
    I had my speaking test today. I was asked the following questions.
    1. Do you work or study and where ?
    2. Do you like what you do ? why / why not ?
    3. Nowadays people are throwing more rubbish, what are your thoughts on it
    4. Do you like perfume ? why / why not ?
    5. Do you use perfume ? why / why not ?
    6. Would you ever give perfume as a gift ?
    Part – 2
    Describe a park you visit
    where is the park ?
    How often do you go there and with whom ?
    What do you like about it ?
    Part -3
    1. How important are parks in the city ?
    2. Do you think all age groups enjoy going to park ?
    1. Do you care about environment (recycle plastic)
    2. Is it necessary to teach kids in school the importance and duty of care towards environment and why kids.
    3. What steps or programs the government should take to improve awareness among the citizens.
    I felt I was many more questions then these …………..

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