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    I had my LRW exam yesterday and had my speaking test on earlier in March.
    Thanks for all the videos you have posted, especially the Advanced writing task 2 videos that have helped me a lot.
    Here are the questions asked:
    Part 1
    What is your full name?
    Where do you live?
    Why did you choose to live there?
    What do you like about the place?
    Which is the popular sport in your country?
    Who is your favorite sport person?
    Here I had to tell her that I am not fond of Cricket which is a popular sport. I spoke about a body builder, not sure if I would be marked down as body building is not considered as sport by many.
    Would you like to go and visit Olympics?
    Part 2
    What games did you play as a child?
    Whom did you play with?
    Where did you play?
    Part 3
    Do you prefer comfortable shoes or fashionable shoes?
    Do you think there should be competition in business?
    Are people born competitive or they become competitive with time?
    Is being too competitive good or bad? Why?
    Writing Task 1
    You booked theater tickets in advance. Write a letter to your friend to let him know you would not be able to make it. Explain:
    What the problem is
    What can be done with the tickets.
    Writing Task 2
    Working from home
    Advantages and disadvantages.
    This was my favorite topic so it turned out to be easy.
    I have a doubt in my listening task answers. I was not confident with my handwriting when I wrote the numbers, for example: I wrote in my answer sheet as 15/Fifteen and 12/Twelve , I hope this is not considered as incorrect :-(. Please let me know if I am wrong as I am very tensed now.

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