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    Took IELTS speaking test on 10/12/19.
    Part 1- where do you live, describe your city,
    patience (are you a patient person, are people in your country patient),
    wild life (have you seen any wild animals, which is your favourite wild animal),
    waiting (what do you do when you are waiting for a bus,
    have you lost you temper while waiting for someone in the past)
    Part 2- a celebration of your achievement
    What was the achievement
    Who did you celebrate it with
    How did you celebrate it
    Describe your emotions during the celebration
    Part 3
    Weddings (do people spend a lot of money on their weddings, are all weddings in your country like that )
    Birthdays (what is the difference between the ways in which young and old people celebrate their birthday and why is it so)
    National holidays (what is the importance of national holidays in your countries and how they are celebrated)I repeated a lot of words and was too nervous to use a good range of vocabulary but I tried my best.
    And I took around 14 minutes to complete the test. Hope I can score well

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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