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    Dear All,
    Yesterday I had given exam for General Test.
    1) Women want to buy a Flat
    2) Interaction about City centre development
    3) 2 Student interacting about their projects
    4) History about development of Cycle
    1) Driving in UK
    2) Fire safety at work place
    3) Employees Appraisal
    4) Types of children toys
    5) Human Intellegence development
    1) A letter to your friend mentioning that you had lost all the photos which you had taken together in a trip
    Ask him/her for the one of the photograph which he/she had taken
    Explain why you want to have that photograph
    2) Write an essay about garbages which people do throw in coutryside or on the streets.
    Problem occurs with that
    describe resolutions for the same
    share with your examples.
    Tomorrow, I have speaking test. let see what happen next.
    I have one question I forgot provide example in that essay even though i had written around 350 words as well as my hand writing is not that much good, am I going to loose points for the same, pls suggest.
    Best Regards,
    Ravi Mishra

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