IELTS Exam – UK – June 17 2017

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    I had my exam today 17 June 2017Writing task 1:
    The amount of energy generated by wind for four countries ( Germany , Denmark, US, India) between 1980 and 2000.
    Writing task 2:
    By 2050 there will be no teacher student classroom
    To what extent do you agree or disagree. Write from you own experience.
    Reading topics:
    About Botany
    Job satisfaction in England
    About psychology ( your own believe about your self and how others see you )
    Speaking :
    Are a student or do you work ?
    The main question (describe a cafe you went to ? What you ate? Why you like it ?
    Do you believe urban city life harder than small cities ? Why?
    Is it possible to arrange “me time ” while being in a a big city?
    Why do think it is important to have your family and friends close to you?
    That’s all I can remember..Thank you Atul

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