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    Just now I’ve finished my speaking session.
    PART 1,
    i) Where do you live now? distance between the town and your home.
    ii) have you shifted your house recently ?
    iii) do you like your present town?
    iv) what is most interesting in your town?
    PART 2
    Describe one thing what you learned at any time in your life, not in school or college
    who helped you to learn that particular thing.
    PART 3
    I)is it necessary to learn children about new things.
    ii) how hobbies affect a person’s life
    iii) is there any benefit of learning something for the older people.
    iv) what is importance of sleep.
    v) how do you do to have a good sleep.
    ……….and some other questions.
    I spoke well throughout the test BUT after 2nd part I requested the examiner to give me some drinking water as my mouth became dry. She told me if it is emergency then you can have it but if you can carry on next 4/5 minutes then no need. I chose to carried on.
    NOW, I am a bit worry whether it would have any bad impact on my score or not.
    I will be happy if you tell something about it.

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