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    I finished my Academic IELTS
    Writing part was on 11ht May 2019
    TASK 1: Two line graphs with the comparison of the number of holiday and business visits to the UK from France and North America in one year.
    TASK 2: In some countries more and more shops are open long hours every day. What are positive and negative developments of this situation?
    Speaking was on 12th May 2019
    Section 1
    what is enjoyable in studying
    how much time so you spend doing homework and preparing for exams every week
    do you prefer to take photos with your phone or camera
    (there were questions, but I already don’t remember them)
    Section 2
    something that is good for health
    – what is that
    – how did you find out this
    – whether your friends follow this
    Section 3
    how to improve physical health
    how to improve mental health
    how can teachers interest children to so sports
    health welfare
    how physiologist can help
    how social media can help interest people to be more healthy

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