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    Hi! I took the academic exam today, Nov 8.
    It’s a computer-delivered exam in IDP so LRW is taken the same day with speaking.
    Writing task 1: a picture of a process of the production of smoked fish
    Task 2: the best way to understand the culture of others is to work for a multinational organisation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Speaking part 1:
    Where do you live?
    What do you like about where you live?
    Do you know the people in your neighborhood?
    Do you always cook?
    Why do some people like to cook?
    Do you prefer eating at home or outside?
    Do you often wear sunglasses?
    Do you like spending a lot for sunglasses?
    Will you buy someone sunglasses?
    Have you lost a sunglasses before?
    Part 2: describe a time when your complaint was resolved
    -what the complaint was
    -where and when
    -how it was resolved
    -how i felt about it
    Part 3:
    Is customer complaint important for the company?
    Do you think companies need to emphasize “customer is always right” to their employees?
    More questions about complaints..

    i just have a question to ask. In part 2 speaking, i wasnt able to answer all the bullets because i didnt finish my story, the examiner already ended my talk halfway. I was only able to cover the first 2 bullets. Will it highly reduce my score?

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