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    Just thought I would share a few of my Speaking and LRW test questions dated 27/10/2018:
    Part1: Where do you live? What do you like about it? Do you enjoy music? Is there any music genre you dislike? Do you wish you learnt a music instrument? Do you visit gardens or parks often? What would you change about them?
    Part 2: What is an interesting part of your country (common topic for Sep-Dec)
    Part 3: How different is each part of your country? How different is the food? Whats the difference between countryside and city life, which one is better? What are the important decisions in town planning, how can it be made better?

    Writing topics:
    Task 1: A bar chart illustrating the survey results of the opinion of young people of what is the most effective solution to global warming (Lifestyle changes/ Govt regulations, Advance in technology, None) in 4 European countries (Portugal, Poland, Romania, Netherlands)
    Task 2: Some parents buy anything their child asks for and lets their child do anything they like. Is this good for the child? What are the consequences of this for the children when they grow up?

    Quick question: In both my writing tasks, i forgot to leave a blank line after each paragraph and there are quite a few striked words. My essays do not look untidy, but I would like to know if this could affect my band score in any way.
    Thanks in advance

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