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    I had my General Training exam on 24th June 2017 in Vadodara, India.
    Writing topics:
    1) Letter to landlord to fix a problem in the house. Explain what it is the problem and how he could help
    2) Essay on: should certain prisoners be made to do unpaid community work instead of being put behind bars
    Speaking test:
    1) name, what kind of job,
    2) Do you like pop music? why not?
    3) Have you seen a pop star? why not?
    4) How have you learnt politeness?
    5) How is politeness expressed in your culture?
    Cue Card: Describe a city or place that you like
    Part 3
    1) What should a city have?
    2) Why do people live in cities?
    3) Adv of city life and its disadvantages?
    4) does geography of a place play a role in planning a city?
    5) Adv of rural life

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