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    General Training on 31 May 2018 at Vadodara,India
    British Council
    General questions:
    1) Full Name
    2) Work Or Study
    3) Hometown
    Do you like rains?
    Duration of rains in your country?
    Do you like a wet climate OR dry one?
    Do you use Map?
    Which one (electronic or paper)? Reason?
    Did you get yourself trained in using map?
    Describe an instance where you helped someone in work OR study
    Part 3:
    How can family members and friends be helped?
    Do grandparents like to help grandchildren?
    Do children help their parents?
    DO many people live in extended family in your country?
    Workplace team:
    What will happen if the team members are not at same level? ( Follow up question) how to mitigate such issue?
    What skills are required to have a successful team?
    Can the skills be acquired by formal training or are gained only by experience?

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