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    Module: Academic: November, 10th, Vancouver, Canada
    Writing task 1
    line graph: the difference of visitor number entering a museum between summer and winter in 2003.
    Writing task 2
    it is important for children to act independently and make decisions by themselves.
    Do you agree or disagree
    *give reasons for your opinion and your own experiences and knowledge.
    Q: I found this indication at the end of the test so I did not suggest my own experience.. would it impact a lot to my writing score?
    Speaking test
    Part 1.
    where do you live?
    do you have any plan to change your house?
    do you prefer warm weather or dry weather?
    do you like rainy weather?
    do people prefer to live in cities? why?
    what city do you want to visit? why?
    PART2: cue card
    what sports you would like to try
    what is it/why do you want to try/ where did you watch this sports
    it was related to sports
    in your country, what sports is popular throughout all generations?
    what sports do young people like to watch? why?
    what do you think about extreme loyalty in sports?
    do you think there should be more channel for sports on TV?

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