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    Hello dear friends,
    Today I took (16th Nov. 2019) my Academic IELTS, and here are my feedback.

    Speaking :
    Part 1 :
    – Questions about friends. Do you think you are a make a good friend ?
    Do you still have some friends back from your childhood ?
    Some others related to friends that I do not remember.
    – Questions about Barbers and haircuts.
    Do you change your hair cut often ? Why ?
    Do you enjoy going to the barber ? etc.

    PART 2 : Talk about a movie that you may recommend to your friends . Where did you watch it ? When did you watch ? Why would you recommend it to your friends ?

    PART 3 :
    Questions about movie industry.
    do you agree with paying some actors a lot of money ?
    What makes a good actor ?
    How a film can be beneficial to a county ?
    Should countries spend money on films ? Etc.

    Writing :
    TASK 1 : It was a diagram about how 3 different types of tea are produced from tea leaves.
    TASK 2 : A new law makes it illegal for employers to reject applications based on age. Do yo think this is negative or positive ?

    Listening Part : ——————- I made an error, in the 3rd part I kept listening for a question without keeping an eye on the next one and ended up missing 3 questions.

    Reading : ———— I mismanaged time. I found my self left with 20 minutes for the passage 3 and wasn’t able to get all the questions done. Missed about 8 questions. But just make guesses. Hope get some of them right which is unlikely .Time management is a key !!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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