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    Hey, just took speaking test today, writing, reading n listening yesterday (Nov 1). Here’re the topics (from what I remember lol):
    – Speaking: u live in a house or apartment? Will you move to another house/apartment in the future?
    What do you think of competitions? Do parents encourage their children to take part in competitions?
    Clue card: – competition u want to take part in
    – where? When?
    – what u need to do to win?
    – why u want to win?
    Do u think there r more ppl in cities now? Do u like cities? can pp in less competitive environment come up with good ideas? Is winning important? Why do u want to take part in competitions?
    Reading: P1: mungo man/women (match letters to statements- whi claimed what + true/false/not given)
    P2: match headings + use vocabs from text to fill in gaps
    P3: answer questions, fill in gaps using words from text ( process map)
    Writing: P1: the bar charts below shows the distribution of employment among agriculture, technology (?), servies in 3 countries in 1980 n projected distribution of employment in 2020. ….
    P2: there r more cars n less bicycles now. Why pp use bicycle less? What measures can encourage pp to use bicycles?

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