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    What is your full name?
    Where were you from?
    Are you a student or working?
    What is your profession and why you choose that?
    Do you ever use maps?
    When do people usually need to use a map?
    What kinds of maps available?
    Do you prefer electronic or paper maps? Why?
    Do you ever ask people gor directions instead of using a map?
    Do you usually wear a watch?
    Do you think it’s importatnt to be on time?
    How do you feel when others are late?
    Do you always be on time? Why?
    Part 2:
    A visit you made using public transport
    Where did you go
    What means of transport you have used
    How did you feel about public transport
    What modes of transportation are there in your home town?
    Why do people prefer to ride on autorikshaws?
    Do people in your home town often use public transport?
    What measures should govt take for people to utilize more public transport?
    In future what mode of new transportations might be used than fast trains?

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