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    IELTS Academic Speaking Test
    Visakhapatnam, India
    27th September 2017
    Part 1:
    The examiner asked some general questions about my hometown. I answered them well and I mentioned about tourism in my answer so the examiner continues asking questions on tourism in my city.
    Part 2:
    Luckily the cue card topic was also on tourism, I had to say about a place which nobody has visited in my country. After 2 minutes were completed, the examiner asked 1-2 follow-up questions related to the topic.
    Part 3:
    Discussion on negative environment effects due to tourist activities.
    I spoke in my own accent (Indian) and I felt that my grammar was OK but not extraordinary. My answers were fluent, coherent and my pronunciation was right, but I still feel that I’d get 7 bands (or 6.5 if the evaluation is strict).
    I don’t know why I had this intuition that my topic would be either from ‘Tourism’ or ‘TV/Advertisements’, so I was well prepared for these topics and surprisingly the candidate who finished his speaking test after me, was asked questions on ‘TV/Advertisements’.
    I have my L/R/W tests scheduled on 30th Sep,

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