IELTS Exam – Warsaw, Poland – June 2 2017

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    Hey, I’ve just taken my speaking test in Warsaw, Poland (Academic).Part 1: full name, where I come from, do I work or study, where I work, what is the best about my job; do you like jewels, do you wear them; which kind of jewels you like; why people have jewels for years.
    Part. 2: describe a special cake you had; when; with whom; why was it special?
    Part 3: do you have in Poland special any occasions when food is important; why it is important in families; do you think that it would be enjoyable to have family time in a hotel or such; and a question about healthy food: should high-sugar food be taxed.
    I got this impression that it is very formal. I naturally introduced myself first, but my examiner asked me to hold on and wait until she starts recording… Not a big deal but it takes longer to relax and behave naturally.

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