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    Hello everyone,
    I had my IELTS test on 30th June, located in Zagreb, Croatia.
    Part 1
    1) Full name?
    2) How far away is your hometown from the IELTS examination location?
    3) How long have you lived there?
    4) Something interesting about your town?
    5) Do you write?
    6) Do you like writing – did you write when you were a child, and how will it change in future?
    7) Do you use mobile apps?
    8) Would you like to design a mobile app in future?
    9) Is it important for children to learn how to swim (other questions related to education and sport – swimming and how important it is)
    Part 2
    Describe a river/sea/water in your country
    -how big it is
    Part 3
    (related to a given topic in part 2)
    1) River in the past and nowadays?
    2) Did you spend a lot of time there?
    3) Activities? (river)
    4) Jobs? (river)
    5) Importance of tourism? (river)
    6) Advantages and disadvantages of river transport?

    Task 1: MAP!
    -bookstore in 2000, and today
    Task 2: It is believed that young people are interested in international pop singers and movie stars more than history, and historians. Why? Give reasons, and examples.

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