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    Home: Tell me about your house or apartment?
    Which room would you like?
    How long have you been staying?
    Cue Card: Tell me about a friend or relative who learned foreign language?
    who he is? HOW YOU KNOW? Where he learned? How he used it?
    Following questions are about:

    Can children learn foreign language faster than adults?
    Do you think English will become global Language?
    What are the disadvantages of global language?
    About English in your country?

    Writing Task 1: You recently read a book, Write a letter to friend about the book.
    How it is useful for him/her?
    where they can buy?
    why do you thunk it is useful?
    where did you read?

    task 2: Some people thinks Road safety can improved by decreasing vehicles speed on the roads. Other think there are other options. Both views and openion?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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