IELTS Test Dates 2013

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Here is a quick chart to help you decide your IELTS test dates. You can choose your IELTS test dates in over 130 countries up to once a week. IELTS Academic Training is scheduled 48 days per yea and IELTS General Training is scheduled 24 days per year. Some IELTS test centres may offer the IELTS test on different dates according to local demand. Listening, Reading and Writing tests are generally taken on Thursdays or Saturdays, and the Speaking test either on the same day, or seven days before or after that.

Here are the Global IELTS test dates to help you decide the date that suits you best.

DateDayIELTS AcademicIELTS General Training
06 July 2013SaturdayAcademicGeneral
13 July 2013SaturdayAcademic
18 July 2013ThursdayAcademic
27 July 2013SaturdayAcademicGeneral
03 August 2013SaturdayAcademic
17 August 2013SaturdayAcademicGeneral
24 August 2013SaturdayAcademic
29 August 2013ThursdayAcademicGeneral
07 September 2013SaturdayAcademicGeneral
12 September 2013ThursdayAcademic
21 September 2013SaturdayAcademicGeneral
28 September 2013SaturdayAcademic
10 October 2013ThursdayAcademic
12 October 2013SaturdayAcademicGeneral
19 October 2013SaturdayAcademic
26 October 2013SaturdayAcademicGeneral
09 November 2013SaturdayAcademicGeneral
16 November 2013SaturdayAcademic
21 November 2013ThursdayAcademicGeneral
30 November 2013SaturdayAcademic
07 December 2013SaturdayAcademicGeneral
12 December 2013ThursdayAcademic
14 December 2013SaturdayAcademicGeneral
21 December 2013SaturdayAcademic



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