How to submit assignments for correction?

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Your course membership comes with writing and speaking task assessments. The number of assessments depends on the membership plan that you have selected. To submit your writing tasks send your assignments to along with the task question.

You should write your assignment as if you are writing in the IELTS exam. i.e. use 20 minutes to complete a writing task 1 and 40 minutes to complete a writing task 2.

Today's lesson is all about the IELTS exam and what you need to know about the test before you start preparing for it. If you already know the format and structure of the exam feel free to jump ahead. Simply click on Mark Complete for the topics at the bottom of the screen and move on to the next topic or chapter. Should you decide to leave and comeback, you will notice a green check-mark next to the lessons and topics that have been completed. This will make it easy for you to start exactly where you left off.


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